A.T.O.M.:Advanced Tactical Opposition Mechanics

 A.T.O.M. should become a PnP inspired game ruleset for games, events of which take place in a retrospective sci-fi, post-apocalyptic or fantasy universe.

I love tactical combat games. I like D&D, SPECIAL, I very much enjoy ADOM, I enjoyed Jagged Alliance to some extent, I'm also very fond of Age of Wonders, but I cannot help but notice the cracks along the seams - places where I believe I could have improved if I were creating those brilliant games. Therefore there is no single main imperative to conjuring up a new game ruleset, but as my gaming experience grew and my critical view sharpened, I noticed more and more subtle irregularities, logical inconsistencies, and other general issues which ultimately limited the imagination of the player.

Therefore I embark upon creating a new kind of game.

What is a game?

Any game basically consists of the three main elements: its plot, its ruleset and its lore. The ruleset is the vessel which keeps the player afloat the waters of the plot and helps her navigate its currents on her way to the delta while the lore is the beautiful banks shaping this river of narrative.

Here we will deal mostly in the ruleset stuff, slighly touching the lore and background matters for the sake of providing the game master with a comprehensive aid.

Main Concepts